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The utility model relates to a lying board for repairing vehicles, in particular to a lying board specially used for repairing vehicles, which belongs to a matching tool for repairing vehicles with vehicles. The utility model is composed of a group of U-shaped bottom beams, a bed frame fixed on both sides of the bottom beams, a back cushion laid on the bottom beams, and a number of rollers evenly distributed on the bed frame. The bed frame has two pairs, each pair of which is connected by internal and external connecting plates; a locking mechanism is arranged on the bottom beams in the middle. The mechanism is composed of a locking pin sleeve, a shaft sleeve positioning plate, a shaft sleeve, a spring, a locking shaft and a knob. The utility model is convenient for folding and collecting when not in use, so as to reduce the occupied area and realize the locking when in use. ... eeper.html
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