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By damimi721
●Face stock: Clear polyester film
●Face thickness: 50mircons
●Color: brushed silver
●Adhesive: Acrylic
●Release liner : Glassine paper
●Printing: suitable for various printing methods such as flexography,letterpress,offset, silkscreen printing, thermal transfer printing etc
●Temperature Range: -40℃~125℃
●Top coating : good scratch and alcohol& water resistance
●Jumbo roll size:1090mm*500m
●Delivery Time: 5 days
●Packing: Carton Box/ Pallet
●Sea Port: She Kou/ Yan Tian Of Shen Zhen
●Certification: UL,ROHS,SGS, MSDS
●Material thickness and liner can be customized.PET Label Materials suppliers
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