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[Tec-ad]Well performming CPI\CPA Traffic , try it now !

Enviado: Qui Jan 17, 2019 7:48 am
por Mobisummer
hello, dear

Tec-Ad,a in-depth performance advertising platform
Targeting precisely&Optimizing deeply

Providing target dimension such as traffic type, country, carriers, OS\ version, device ID.

Increasing cost automatically for traffic with good performance.

Cutting the budget intelligently for traffic with poor performance.
Anti-fraud engine

Control traffic quality by specifying Source ID and IP blacklist in your campaign

CTIT Anti-hijacking and Anti-bot algorithm are adopted to block the source with fraud intall in real time.
Real-time Warning

Visual reminder of data fluctuations

Customize email/WeChat warning
Professional Data Report

Abundant data labels and dimensions

Customized flexibly tables
simple, low-risk, intelligent yet.

If you have any comment and suggestion, please mail to support@mobisummer.com