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By damimi721
World Precise Machinery Group (hereinafter referred to as “World Press”) established in 1953, which is located in World Industrial Park in Danyang city. World Press is the beginning of the first five years planning of China, is one of the oldest and most professional manufacturer of punching equipment. After listing in Singapore marker, world’s products are paid great attention with high quality and superb technique.
World Press’s main products are metal forming machine tools including C frame, H frame, single crank, double crank mechanical and pneumatic press machines.
In the headquarter of the group, there are press technical R&D center in Shanghai which has cooperated with the professional companies in USA, Germany, France, Japan, Sweden so that develop and perfect the products with superb technology. World’s products include 20 series 200 types of products such as all types of presses, shearing machines, bending machines, and punching machines. They are widely used in the field of space, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, communications, etc. World Press has established sales network and service organizations in large and medium-sized cities across the country, and the products are even exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and South Africa. It is the forging equipment manufacturer with the largest scale, most kinds, and widest sales service network in the industry.
Industry is the base of a strong country. As Chinese industry develop day by day. We are in the same step of world economy and gets goals:
The manufacturer base with competitive power;
Top-level bending equipment manufacturer base;
The biggest manufacturer base of pressing machine.wholesale Eccentric Link Drive Press
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