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As was to be expected, barrage was brought with WOW Classic Gold it a huge billow of interest. As such, WOW Classic players are encountering connected server queues and, in some cases, errors about servers accepting down. Blizzard said it was anticipating top abode and attainable connected adjournment times for abutting up as anon as the servers go live. You may ambition to accede creating or affective your characters to a low citizenry server if you're acquisitive to jump in and don't ambition to wait.

Specifically in the European region, Blizzard has warned players about an activity appropriate now accompanying to authoritative purchases through Mmobc. As acclaimed below, WOW Classic admission is angry to WoW subscriptions, and this activity could see you add bold time to your annual but not be able to accomplish use of that time appropriate away.

This will credible itself in the anatomy of an absurdity adage "active bold time is appropriate to play" WoW Classic. Blizzard says it may yield up to 24 hours for MMOBC your purchased bold time to register, so you'll potentially allegation to be accommodating afore you can get in.

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