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Nothing can match that wonderful news announced by your doctor - you are expecting baby. Inexpressible thrill fills your heart even as you let your near and dear ones share the good news. But once you calm down your mind is filled with questions - what are the next few months going to be like? How will you feel? How will the baby turn out? Will the baby develop properly? Is it going to be a boy or girl? What should you name the baby? Who will it look like? Expecting baby is a roller coaster ride with both highs and lows. The pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks and is divided into three trimesters.

The first trimester lasts up to the 12th week. Hormonal changes cause nausea Black Trent Williams Jersey , fatigue and emotional sensitivity. This is the period of time when you begin to wonder whether the much talked about "excitement of expecting baby" has any true meaning. Cravings for certain foods and aversion towards other food, heartburn Black Sean Taylor Jersey , indigestion, frequent vomiting tender and swollen breasts are all a part of the package. While you are in this phase make sure you eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Walking is the best exercise since it keeps the joints smooth tones muscles and enriches blood oxygen. However maintain a medium pace and don't over do it because your body will be tired with all the changes taking place inside it.

When you cross the 12th week you can breathe a sigh of relief. You have entered the second trimester - the best phase in expecting baby. The second trimester extends from the 13th to the 28th week. You begin to feel more comfortable and experience all the joy of expecting baby when the little mite starts to move around inside you. The horrible nausea and fatigue almost disappears and you are still not bulky enough to be uncomfortable. Baby is growing well inside and is developing all its organs. Make sure that your diet is rich I iron and calcium and that you maintain good personal hygiene. Your body may begin to lose its centre of gravity and you may topple over if you are not careful. Don't do any rigorous exercise but continue your daily walks.

The last and final trimester extends from the 28th week to delivery. The baby is growing in size and deep breathing exercises will help oxygen reach the baby in good measure. Take adequate rest Black Adrian Peterson Jersey , eat well, and most importantly stay calm. This is usually the time when you begin to worry about what will happen after the baby is born. Remember that this wonderful experience of expecting baby will soon get over and you will definitely miss it. So don't cloud your mind with unnecessary anxiety. Relax and enjoy this last stage of pregnancy. Listen to calming music. Do pelvic exercises regularly so that delivery will be easy. Remember not to lie down flat on your back for long periods of time since this will compress nerves and blood vessels.

There is no greater joy than motherhood and this begins right from when you are expecting baby. Enjoy it while it lasts - you can rest secure in the knowledge that baby is as safe and happy and comfortable as it can ever be.
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